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Why is AKO/DKO security so robust that it even keeps troopers out?

AKO/DKO provides world-class security for online information management, digital document storage and email solutions to quite a pair of.4 million users. By adopting security trade best practices and standards, and with steering from DoD and army CIO/G6, AKO/DKO is one in all the best defended information systems in the DoD. More here http://akoarmymil.com/dod-enterprise-email-dee/

AKO Webmail/DKO uses two forms of two-factor authentication (aka AKO login) for security:

  1. CAC Login or DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): This authentication normal uses your physical common access card (1st factor) and your PIN (2nd factor). Often mentioned as authentication using “something you have” and “something you know.”
  2. Password login with data primarily based Authentication (KBA):  This authentication commonplace uses the everyday username and password combination (1st factor), and adds KBA (2nd factor) to defeat a standard hacker tool – key-loggers. this can be thought of as “tokenless” two-factor authentication, or “something you recognize” and “something else you know.”

All of the layers of security are what facilitate keep the AKO Webmail/DKO system, and your personal AKO Webmail/DKO account secure. Remember, whereas AKO Webmail/DKO uses trade best practices in developing security policies, each one of those policies should adhere to Department of Defense and army CIO/G6 needs. Therefore, AKO Webmail/DKO goes through continuous certification and accreditation processes for the Departments of the army and Defense.

Click here for additional security settings you will need to update in your browser.

Click the AKO/DKO Security Posture link to login along with your CAC and review the official statement.

If you already have an AKO/DKO account and would really like to learn additional on DKO please visit the DKO Home page, by click on following link: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/382109 otherwise you can read the DKO trifold:  https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/13543587.

How am I able to receive a Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA) on DKO?

Eligibility for DoD Users to urge DKO accounts

Please realize the class below that you fall below and follow the instructions.  Request DKO users please contact the AKO/DKO facilitate desk for questions you will have regarding opening an account in DKO.

DoD Military and Civilian CAC holders

You are eligible for a DKO Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA). you may complete your account registration via the automated registration method on the AKO/DKO login screen. to complete the registration method, please follow the steps printed in the following FAQ: DKO Account Registration (275).

DoD Retirees

At this time, DoD Organizations (with the exception of the Army) have not authorized their retirees to possess joint unsponsored accounts.

“User Not Found”

If you receive the message “User Not Found,” this suggests your info isn’t in our authoritative database that is employed to validate your information; therefore, you won’t be ready to register for an unsponsored DKO account using the automated method currently in place.  Please, contact the AKO/DKO help desk for guidance on a way to best resolve your particular scenario.

DoD Contractors (not associated with the Army)

DoD contractors can register DKO accounts however they must be sponsored.  If you are a DoD Contractor curious about getting a DKO account please contact your DoD (military or civilian) Government Task Monitor (TM), Contracting Officer Representative (COR), or a government representative to sponsor you. they must have an AKO/DKO account before he/she will sponsor you.  If they need issues obtaining an account, then they need to contact the AKO/DKO help Desk immediately.

NOTE:  DKO JUA account holders wanting to sponsor contractors got to apprehend your Service is financially accountable for the contractors you sponsor therefore only sponsor contractors supporting your program or organization.

Customers related to the military

If you are conducting business or performing functions on behalf of the military and have a military sponsor (i.e. someone who is Army Active, Army Civilian, Army Reservist or Army National Guard), you’ll register for an army information on-line (AKO).  Please follow the steps made public within the following FAQ: Guest AKO Account Registration.

  1. DKO Sponsorship
  2. DKO Joint Unsponsored Account holders are licensed to sponsor only their own contractors supporting DoD.
  3. DKO Family and Friends
  4. DoD components (other than Army) will be extending DKO accounts to family and friends within the future. stay tuned for updates.

How do I log into AKO Webmail/DKO using my CAC?

Before attempting to log in to AKO Webmail/DKO using your CAC, please confirm your CAC is registered together with your AKO/DKO account. Click Here(264) for directions on a way to register your CAC with the AKO/DKO portal. More info here at http://caccards.com/.

How To Login to AKO/DKO together with your CAC:

  1. Go to https://www.us.army.mil
  2. Click the ‘CAC Login’ button.
  3. Select your ID certificate, if requested. this will be identified by your CAC username: LAST.FIRST.MI.XXXXXXXXXX where the X’s represent your CAC’s EDIPI.  Click Here (74) to be told additional regarding EDIPI. If you see multiple certificates listed with your name,  Click Here (265)for a way to clear your previous certificates.
  4. Click ‘OK’.
  5. Enter your CAC PIN. If you have got already logged in to your native laptop using your CAC and PIN, AKO Webmail/DKO might not require any of this info, as it would be stored domestically by your CAC authentication software.
  6. The system can validate your ID certificate and log you into the AKO/DKO portal.

How do I ascertain if i am CAC Logged In?

To make certain you’ve got performed a CAC login, investigate the login message in the higher left-hand corner of your browser tool bar. If you are CAC logged in, it’ll read “Army knowledge online [Your AKO/DKO Username] (CAC Session)”.

New CAC?

If you have been issued a new CAC, you will have to be compelled to register your new CAC with AKO/DKO before you’re ready to log in with it. Click Here(271) for instructions on the way to register your newly-issued CAC.

Click Here  if you would you like to observe a video on a way to register your CAC.  (You can ought to open the video in an online Explorer browser and have Adobe Flash Player Version seven enabled to view this video.)

For additional data on this and different CAC connected questions, please sit down with the CAC Resource Center within AKO Webmail/DKO: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/241504 .

How do I reset my AKO/DKO password?

Please click here if you would like to look at a video on how to reset your password.

Military and Civilian CAC holders:

All Military and Civilian CAC holders are needed to reset their password with their CAC to obtain a 150-day password. If you do not reset your password while CAC logged into your account, the password will solely be valid for thirty days. there’s a maximum limit of five times that you just can reset your password while not your CAC, this includes a password that was reset by using the ‘Reset Password’ link or a password reset by the help Desk. once the fifth time, you may have to be compelled to reset your password while logged into your AKO/DKO account along with your CAC.

How To Reset Your Password With the ‘Reset Password’ Link:

  1. Head to https://www.us.army.mil.
  2. Click the blue password reset link located underneath the login box.
  3. A brand new window can open. Enter your AKO/DKO username (without the @us.army.mil) or your registration/external email address.
  4. Select an choice for assistance (depending on your account type you may see the following options):

“RESET Your Password Using your CAC”: you’ll got to have your CAC registered along with your AKO/DKO account to use this option.

  1. Click “GO” and log into AKO together with your CAC
  2. Click “My Account” in the higher left corner
  3. Click “Account Settings” then “Change Password”
  4. “RESET Your Password Via Email”: An email are sent to your external/registration email address. Follow the instructions within the email to reset your password.
    Note: A sound Registration/External email address must already be set on the account.
  5. “RESET Your Password Using Your Security Questions”: These are the protection queries that you have originated within your account, and not your 15 KBA Security queries.
    Note: The queries should be answered in the same format as was entered, together with capitalization, punctuation, and spacing.
  6. “RESET Your Password by entering Your Expired Password”: this selection is barely out there if your password has expired.

How To Reset Your Password while logged into your Account:

To reset your password whereas logged into your account, you may:

  1. Log into your AKO/DKO account.
  2. Click on the ‘My Account’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Account Settings’.
  4. Click on ‘Change Password’.

Military or civilian CAC holders are required to log into AKO Webmail/DKO along with your CAC to reset the password. make sure that the greeting in your browser’s title bar reads, “Army data online – [your username here] (CAC Session)”. this means you are logged into your account together with your CAC.

Do You Have a Sponsored or Retiree Account?

You can reset your password for one hundred fifty days by using any of the strategies mentioned on top of. you’re not required to use a CAC to reset your password.

What must you Do if you can not Reset Your Password?

You can only reset your password 5 times while not your CAC. after resetting the password the fifth time, you may receive a message in red that states: “You cannot reset your password using this service. Please contact the Help Desk for any assistance by clicking the ‘Help’ link at the highest of this page.” If you get this message you may have to be compelled to reset your password with your CAC or contact the assistance Desk.

It is not necessary to log in each thirty days to reset your password. you can wait an indefinite quantity of time; you may merely be needed to vary your password once more if your password has expired.

Need more Assistance?

If you are doing not have access to a laptop with CAC reader and your registered email address has modified since the time your account was established, the AKO/DKO facilitate Desk will update your account together with your current email address. Please email the AKO Webmail/DKO facilitate desk at help@us.army.mil. If you’ve got a sponsored account, you’ll got to contact the help desk via phone for more assistance. https://webmail.us.army.mil/

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