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What is the distinction between “Personal and Teams” folders and “U.S. Army Organization” folders?

There are two kinds of high level folders among Army AKO/DKO. the two sorts are:

  •  Personal and teams
  • US Army Organization or Community

Personal and teams Folder

Most users solely have the flexibility to form a personal and team folders.  Personal and groups folders are mainly used for personal use. they are not related to any Army or DoD organizations.

Every user has 250mb allotted to them to upload to any personal and groups folder. you’ll read all the non-public and groups folder you have got access to by:

  1. Logging into Army AKO/DKO.
  2. Click on the ‘Files’ icon located at the top.
  3. Click on ‘Personal and Teams’ located on the left facet of the page.  Note: If the screen isn’t maximized, then you’ll want scroll all the way down to see the ‘Personal and Teams’ link.

U.S. Army Organization or Community Folder

U.S. Army organization or community folders are related to an army or DoD organization. they’re used for community functions and to unleash info to a bigger amount of Army AKO/DKO users.

When uploading to an organization or community folder, it doesn’t exclude from your personal and groups quota.

You can read all the organizations or communities available to you by:

  1. Log into Army AKO/DKO.
  2. Click on the ‘Files’ icon located at the top.
  3. Clicking on the ‘US Army Organizations’ link.

How do I request to possess a U.S. Army Organization folder created?

Requesting U.S. Army Organization Folder

When requesting a U.S. Army Organization folder, one in every of two things can happen.  Either the current administrator can produce the folder for you below their community and make you the administrator of the folder or they’ll make you an administrator of the community so you’ll produce your own folder.  Most of the time they will create the folder for you, however it’s up to the current administrator to come to a decision what is best.  Use the following info to request a U.S. Army Organization folder:

  1. Log into Army AKO/DKO.
  2. Click on ‘Home’.
  3. Click on ‘Site Map’.
  4. Locate the organization that your folder can fall under.
  5. Click on the name of the organization to enter the site.
  6. Click on ‘Options’ located at the top right of the page.
  7. Click on ‘Send Feedback’. you can then build your request to the administrator of the site.
  8. The administrator of the location can have the power to create folders among the organization file section.
  9. If you do not receive any response when per week, you’ll be able to head to the parent web site and request the folder there.

Will I still be ready to use my AKO/DKO account after I ETS or Retire from the Army?

At now, only Army Retirees and army Civilian Retirees are eligible for an unsponsored Army AKO/DKO account. different branches can have the power to possess unsponsored Retiree accounts in the future.

Before you Retire

There is a lag between the time you actually retire from the military and when your record is updated.  Before you surrender your CAC, you must log in using your CAC and reset your password. this may make sure that your password is active until your account is converted to a military Retiree account.

If your password expires before your account is converted to a military Retiree account, the portal can still prompt you to access your account together with your CAC to reset your password.  Since you will presumably not have CAC access at this time, you’ll got to reset your password using the ‘Reset Password’ link on the AKO/DKO login page.  Click Here (259)  for a lot of data on resetting your password with that technique.

Retired from the military

Once your information is updated within the TAPDB-R (Total Army Personnel Database – Retirees and Reservists), your account type can automatically convert to a military Retired account.

ETS from the military but did not retire

If you probably did not retire however you probably did ETS, your account can deactivate 180 days once your info is far from the personnel database. in order to keep up an energetic Army AKO/DKO account, you need to be sponsored by a full account holder.


You will still have access to Army AKO/DKO functions like webmail, Instant Messenger, and therefore the Army AKOfiles section. Though you may not have access to sites that were restricted to Active Army members like Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK), Smartforce, etc…


Once your account is converted to an army Retired account, you may not be required to log into your Army AKO/DKO account along with your CAC to reset your password or manage your sponsored accounts.

But if you’re additionally a DoD (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, etc…) civilian you will be needed to use a CAC to reset your password.


Army Retired accounts only have the power to sponsor family members that are listed at intervals the retiree’s DEERS as dependents.

Gray area Retiree

When National Guard or Reservist retire, they’re given the option to be on a call-back list or to break free the army.  If you choose to be a call-back list, your info will be entered into the military Databases as a military Retiree.  If you chose to break free the military, you are not eligible for an unsponsored account.  Once you have got reached the age of 60, you’ll be able to apply for retirement and your information will be added to the army Databases therefore you’ll be able to have an unsponsored account. If you receive retirement pay from the army, you are eligible.‎

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