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Army Knowledge Online. What can be found beneath ‘Quick Links’?

The ‘Quick Links’ tab contains links to pages with useful info concerning the portal and also the Army.  It additionally contains some tools that may be used inside the portal.  Click here or here for the official login
Below could be a description of the links which will be located among ‘Quick Links’.

Army Knowledge Online Tips & coaching
Army Knowledge Online Tips & training contains pages which will inform you on the way to use the portal and coaching opportunities on the market to you within the portal.

Inside Army Knowledge Online/DKO
Inside Army Knowledge Online /DKO contains a comprehensive index of policies, resources, sites, tools, and coaching to help you in utilizing the portal.

Portal information
Portal information provides you with info regarding the Army Knowledge Online /DKO mission, background/public relations data, policies, and portal updates.

Army Knowledge Online Services
Army Knowledge Online Services contains pages with information on how to request and use the Army Knowledge Online /DKO authentication for an external page. this is additionally where you’ll realize the link for Army Knowledge Online /DKO Business method Management.

Army Links
Army Links contains links to a number of the additional common Army connected pages.

CAC contains the link to the CAC Resource Center which has information on a way to use your CAC with the Army Knowledge Online /DKO portal and how to configure your laptop to use a CAC reader.  It additionally contains a link where you’ll be able to check your current CAC information among the portal.

Create a web site
Create a website may be a tool inside Army Knowledge Online /DKO that permits you to make pages, folders, groups, and alternative components within Army Knowledge Online /DKO.

Knowledge Networks
Knowledge Networks brings you to the page that allows you to browse all the knowledge networks within Army Knowledge Online /DKO.

People allows you to look active Army Knowledge Online /DKO users permitting you to look at their portal business card and profile.

Upload File
Upload File provides you the choice to upload documents to the portal.

If you are yearning for SERE a hundred Code of Conduct training, please follow the instructions below:

  1. On your Army Knowledge Online homepage, click on the “Home” drop down menu.
  2. Click on “DKO Home”.
  3. Click on “Training”.
  4. Click on “JKO – Joint data Online”.
  5. Click on “Courses”.
  6. Fill out the form together with your data, and click on on “Submit”. (Skip to step 8 if you are doing not see this profile page)
  7. Click on “Continue”.
  8. Click on the “Course Catalog” button.
  9. Within the filter drop down that says ‘all’, amendment it to “J3T” and click Apply Filters.
  10. Scroll down to find “SERE a hundred Code of Conduct Training”, and check the “Enroll” box.
  11. Click on “View Course”. If this doesn’t work, click on “My Schedule” and then click “My Courses”.
  12. Click on “Launch Course”.
  13. Scan directions provided, and then click on “Start”.
  14. If the location doesn’t seem due to a Pop-Up Blocker, click on the Pop-Up Blocker line, and click on on “Always allow Pop-ups from This Site”.
  15. Once course has loaded, click on “Next” button to travel through the sections.
  16. Once all 13 Units of coaching are completed, click on “Home”.
  17. Click on “Download Official Certificate”.
  18. When the smaller screen seems, click on “Download”.
  19. Print the Certificate.


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